Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Things!

YAY, it's FRIDAY! Friday means the weekend is here in less then 8 hours, this makes me happy. So this week I really have not had a chance to post anything but I wanted to share some food items with you.

I experimented this week with yogurt and I am finding yogurt is the wonder/super food. I made chocolate chip cookies and replaced half the butter with half Greek yogurt. The cookies turned out great. The husband was not a huge fan of them because he loves the texture of the full fat butter cookies. But everyone else that had them enjoyed them, as did I. These cookies are very cake like, so if you prefer that these are for you. But by replacing the butter with yogurt you save 20 calories per a cookie and a load of fat. I also made TollHouse Crumb Cake for the husband's birthday and used yogurt in place of the sour cream and it worked like a dream. I have read you can replace cream cheese with yogurt and mayo??? So I am going to try this because if I can eat cheesecake and not know the difference I will totally do it.

Another thing I tried this week was FRIED DANDELIONS!! Yes you read right, I ate dandelions!! I found this recipe in a wholesome/natural cookbook and thought I had to try this. So the husband and son picked dandelion heads for me and I fried them up! Only my mom and me were brave enough to try them. The husband gave me a look, like don't even think about it lady, hahaha! I would not recommend trying these. But I am happy to say I tried something new. My sister told me I was grazing.
Another thing I tired is homemade popcorn. The last few weeks I have been making my own popcorn on the stove top using canola oil. But last night I tired coconut oil instead and OH MY was awesome. The canola oil is good but this was great. The popcorn was fresh and light tasting. It just tasted so so so popcorn. It was amazing! I always make extra because I am a bad judge of how much I am pouring in so I have some made for tonight. I don't know if you have tired coconut oil but you should try it. I continue to read the health benefits of this amazing oil.

And the last thing, I swear! Over at the Musings of a Housewife, she had this recipe posted. I tried it and well it was awesome!! So do yourself a favor and make this. If you are thinking holy cow that is a lot of fat/calories. Well I did it with 1/3 less fat cream cheese and fat free evaporated milk and it worked just fine. FYI-next time I am going to try the yogurt in place of the cream cheese to see if it works. If you try it before I do let me know how it goes. Thank You in advance! :)

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sweet goodness!

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  1. How do I even respond to the dandelions statement?! LOL!

  2. Wow...dandelions? You are brave! On the other hand, it's nice to see someone else experimenting with making things healthier. I'm sure it all (except the dandelions!) tasted great!!! -

  3. I feel so much smarter now! Your information and tips are wonderful!!!! I tend to not use yogurt to replace sour cream because I don't think it holds up well. I didn't think about GREEK yogurt. I will certainly try it! You are a smarty!

    I always make my own popcorn. It is lightyears better that the microwave kind. I use corn oil because popcorn is corn. I didn't care for the canola oil taste once it is heated. But, again, never used coconut oil. I will try it.

    Thank you for all this fabulous info!

  4. I tried to comment earlier but my computer was acting up. Dandelions? That's so brave! Not sure I could try them. We use yogurt a lot in our house in place of sour cream, mostly because then my lactose intolerant teenager can eat things. I quite like it.

    Thanks for participating in Food Revolution Fridays!

  5. Coconut oil is all we use! It's very healthy and tastes delicious with everything, including popcorn. :) Try frying your eggs in it, or using it in place of butter in your baking. It's delicious and it's great for frying veggies for stirfries too! :)

  6. You won an award!

  7. Well it looks like the blogger above me beat me on this, but I have an award for you, too!
    I think you have a super sweet blog! (Check my blog for details!)


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