Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday the 22nd

So you saw Sunday the 22nd, did ya? You are probably wondering why is this day so important to Lindsay?? Well, there is nothing super exciting or important about this day. Other then, this is a day I was able to go church with my husband and boys and fellowship a little before we had to leave because my husband has to go to work. Then I talked to my sister, had lunch with my in-laws and then put my boys to bed. So as you can see nothing ground breaking happened today but when I look at my life, I am so blessed. So nothing happened that I will forever remember but on January 22nd 2012, I was able to love my boys, even when J is pushing the limit, B is hungry again, and I am ready to pull my hair out due to potty training, or changing another poopy diaper. But today is Sunday the 22nd and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finally Snowing

Hello girls. And guys just in case since my husband is sitting here saying, "what if there is a guy following too?" So hello to the random guy that may be following..... Onward. It is finally snowing here in the Pennsylvania countryside. I am so excited because first off the snow is just so pretty and my theory, if it's gonna be cold, SNOW! Although, this year I can say it's the best winter ever in the history of winters. Just until a few weeks maybe days ago, we were outside. It has been awesome. So today we are going to take our boys out in the snow. Well I will hold the 5 month old and Daddy is going to pull the almost 3 year around in the sled. Oh and I will take pictures. So if its snowing in your area, go out enjoy the snow or stay in and drink hot cocoa. MMM that may be a treat later when we come in. Good idea.
In honor of the snow and winter finally deciding to arrive, here is a recipe for HOT COCOA. I have been making this for a few years now for myself or others. Most people like it and drink it right down but my step-mom wasn't a fan. So adjust the ingredients as you see fit. Drink and enjoy. Oh and PS in years past I used to use fake sugar in place of the real sugar. It worked just fine.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm Back BABY!!!!!

So I'm sitting here checking blogs and I thought you know I wanna update mine again. Let's get back on the band-wagon. You want to know what has happened in the last YEAR AND A HALF!! I had a baby boy in August, I quit my job as a social worker, my sister got married, and now she's prego, my oldest son is turning 3, we have chickens for eggs and started nutrition school. WOWZA! So we have been super busy. Enjoying life with my guy, my boys, family, friends, and random people in between.
But to welcome everyone back. Let's throw a recipe out there for ya.
I found a super easy recipe one night when we were starving and didn't have a whole lot of food in the fridge.
Place chicken breasts in a pie plate with olive oil on the bottom. Top with seasoned salt and pepper. Flip your breasts. Chicken breasts girls ;). Then top with salt and pepper again. Cook for about 30 mins at 350. While the chicken is cooking, make your white sauce. AKA- cream of anything sauce. In this recipe I did not add the celery or the salt. Or come to think of it any other flavoring but the butter, milk, and flour.
When the chicken is done and your cream sauce is done. Put the chicken on a plate and pile the ooooh so good white sauce on top. goes great with brown rice and roasted green beans.
Enjoy and see you soon.........