Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finally Snowing

Hello girls. And guys just in case since my husband is sitting here saying, "what if there is a guy following too?" So hello to the random guy that may be following..... Onward. It is finally snowing here in the Pennsylvania countryside. I am so excited because first off the snow is just so pretty and my theory, if it's gonna be cold, SNOW! Although, this year I can say it's the best winter ever in the history of winters. Just until a few weeks maybe days ago, we were outside. It has been awesome. So today we are going to take our boys out in the snow. Well I will hold the 5 month old and Daddy is going to pull the almost 3 year around in the sled. Oh and I will take pictures. So if its snowing in your area, go out enjoy the snow or stay in and drink hot cocoa. MMM that may be a treat later when we come in. Good idea.
In honor of the snow and winter finally deciding to arrive, here is a recipe for HOT COCOA. I have been making this for a few years now for myself or others. Most people like it and drink it right down but my step-mom wasn't a fan. So adjust the ingredients as you see fit. Drink and enjoy. Oh and PS in years past I used to use fake sugar in place of the real sugar. It worked just fine.

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  1. I do not envy your snow- which is why I live in FL Hahha Want pictures of 5m old all bundles up though. :)


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