Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm Back BABY!!!!!

So I'm sitting here checking blogs and I thought you know I wanna update mine again. Let's get back on the band-wagon. You want to know what has happened in the last YEAR AND A HALF!! I had a baby boy in August, I quit my job as a social worker, my sister got married, and now she's prego, my oldest son is turning 3, we have chickens for eggs and started nutrition school. WOWZA! So we have been super busy. Enjoying life with my guy, my boys, family, friends, and random people in between.
But to welcome everyone back. Let's throw a recipe out there for ya.
I found a super easy recipe one night when we were starving and didn't have a whole lot of food in the fridge.
Place chicken breasts in a pie plate with olive oil on the bottom. Top with seasoned salt and pepper. Flip your breasts. Chicken breasts girls ;). Then top with salt and pepper again. Cook for about 30 mins at 350. While the chicken is cooking, make your white sauce. AKA- cream of anything sauce. In this recipe I did not add the celery or the salt. Or come to think of it any other flavoring but the butter, milk, and flour.
When the chicken is done and your cream sauce is done. Put the chicken on a plate and pile the ooooh so good white sauce on top. goes great with brown rice and roasted green beans.
Enjoy and see you soon.........


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